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Celebrate the Spirit of The Zulu Heritage

Much like their historical hometowns of Inanda and KwaMashu in KZN, Sandy Gumede and Pam Biyela have been at each other’s side for the past 22 years. Through Biyela’s tenacity and extensive knowledge from rich travels of the continent of Africa and Europe, paired with the quiet powerful strength and creative mind of Gumede, they studied and captured the essence of wines they love most while chasing the elusive qualities they could find nowhere else.

Through hardship and pure innovation, resting on the unshaken foundations of Biyela’s experience fueled by the creative fire within Gumede they bring wines bottled and wrapped with a tribute to the two Zulu Girls who started it all.

With Zulu Girl Wines, they raise their glasses to authenticity. A call for celebration of women, young and old and invoke a sense of pride in one’s culture and heritage as well as to encourage all to stand tall in the name of their ancestry.


Our Wines

Pour a glass of Zulu Girl Wines &

let the vibrant flavors and rich heritage dance on your palate, reminding you of the beauty found in unity and the power of celebration.

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